Monday, March 30, 2009

Airborne Settlement

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a check in the mail today for $28.

Why, you ask?

About a year ago I filed a claim in the lawsuit against Airborne and their false advertising about preventing the common cold. I admit, they had my wife and I fooled. We swore by the stuff.

When it came to light that the ingredients of Airborne weren't all that special, and that they had been vastly overpricing their products, it was a no-brainer for us to file a claim.

From time to time, lawsuits allow consumers to receive compensation after buying products that were either harmful, falsely advertised, or otherwise tainted.

Now, like I said, I filed the claim a year ago and had since forgotten about it. So, it was sweet to find the letter in the mail!

Apparently a year isn't a very long time to wait.

A recent lawsuit that my wife and I were also able to take advantage of was due to a lawsuit filed against cosmetic companies back in 2003. In January of 2009, department stores offered free products to anyone who had bought cosmetics at their stores between May 1994 and July 2003.

You can see details of the cosmetics settlement here.

Needless to say, these settlements aren't always heavily advertised. So, I will do my best to keep you apprised of any pending lawsuits so that you can take advantage if you've been financially wronged.

The sad thing is, there were a whole bunch of people who bought loads of expensive airborne products and cosmetics, but who received nothing from these settlements. So check out my "lawsuit settlements" tag from time to time to make sure you haven't missed out on any pending opportunities to be compensated.

Wow, this post makes me sound like a lawyer, doesn't it? I'm out - YCC

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