Saturday, March 21, 2009

Got Milk?

The Young Cash Cow does.

Recently, I stumbled on a website called Remember the Milk. All I can say is that this site is pure genius.

For those of you that have blackberries or iphones with all of the bells and whistles, this site probably won't give you anything you don't already have. But my guess is that the vast majority of you would benefit greatly from this site.

The concept of Remember the Milk is really quite simple. It is a task and time management tool that allows you to manage all of your tasks in one place and have reminders sent to your email inbox or cell phone (via text messages) just before the task is due.

For example, just yesterday I checked out a movie at the library that is due in one week. When I got home I went to and entered into my task list "Bourne Identity due back at library." Then I set the due date as Friday, March 27th, at 6pm.

The site recognizes all kinds of abbreviations, so I might just write "next fri" for the date and "6p" for the time. That makes it quick and painless. My settings are such that I receive a text message reminder one hour before the task is due. So, next Friday at 5pm I'll receive a text reminding me to get that dvd back and avoid a late fee! It's awesome! Especially for forgetful people like me.

For those of you that have internet on your phones, you can set up tasks right when you hear about them rather than waiting until you have access to a computer. You can also print off a weekly planner that outlines all of the tasks you have set up that week. Another cool feature is the ability to send reminders to more than one place (this works great if you have a spouse that needs to be reminded as well).

But the coolest feature for me is the ability to create revolving tasks. That is, you can set tasks to repeat on a schedule. For example, I always try to pay off my credit card around the 15th of every month. So when I first created the task, "Pay off credit card," I set it to repeat "every 15th" and now it reminds me on a monthly basis! This is also great for birthdays, anniversaries, staff meetings, etc.

If any of you used to use the iwantsandy website, this is a great substitute since is no longer available. And it's a great alternative to the expensive service.

As you can tell, I'm sold on this site. And it's FREE. I'm out - YCC

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