Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

I just found out about the latest and greatest from Google. It's called Tip Jar.

According to the site, "Tip Jar is a collection of money saving tips submitted and ranked by the web community." It came out during a time when we need it most.

There are great tips on the site and you can vote on whether or not you like them. The tips are then ranked by popularity. You can choose from a number of categories including finance, shopping, food, travel, and others. For example, I gave this finance tip by plaxdan a thumbs up:

"Do not carry cash. Why? You will spend it."

Great tip. I try to take any cash I have straight to the bank since it's too much of a temptation to grab a soda in the teacher's lounge with a stray dollar in my wallet.

Not only can you read tips, but you can also share tips. I noticed that many top financial bloggers are at the top of the ranks in the Tip Jar. Contributors from,,, and headed up the list in finance.

I decided I would take a stab at it (39 stabs to be exact) in order to both share some good financial advice that has helped me AND get my name out there! I figure at least one of those 39 tips will climb pretty high on the list and get me some exposure.

According to my Google Analytics tool which tracks my readers, they have come from one place so far: my home city. Which only means one thing... my wife and I are the only readers of this thing!

I know, I know, I've got to be patient. People will come Ray, people will come. I'm out - YCC.

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  1. I like your "Do not carry cash...spend it."

    I would add another phrase.
    "Do not carry credit card. Why? You will be slave to your debt."


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