Thursday, March 19, 2009

Looking Out For The Little Guy

Some people have the luxury of cell phone plans that include unlimited minutes and unlimited texting... I don't.

Those of you who are like me know that going over on your minutes or texts can cause your bill to add up quickly (for proof, check out this video).

I'm with T-Mobile because they have always given me terrific over-the-phone service, made changes to my bill when needed, given me great promotions, and offered plans that suit my wife and I perfectly. Although I have never had a bad conversation with a T-Mobile phone rep, yesterday took the cake.

I had only said a few words... something to the tune of "So, I'm getting close to using up all of my minutes this billing cycle".... and before I knew it, this gal said, "I can see that you are two minutes away from going over your monthly limit - how about 100 bonus minutes for both you and your wife?"

I was planning on requesting some bonus minutes to keep us from having to pay extra, (T-mobile is great about giving bonus minutes...all you have to do is ask!) but she was able to ascertain my needs in seconds with only a speck of an explanation! Then, she noticed that we were getting close on our text messaging plan and offered me a texting plan that no longer exists which provides us with unlimited texts for the same price we were currently paying for 400 texts a month!

Are you kidding me? This girl was an angel!

Now, the reason for the title of this post... It's easy to just accept that kind of generosity and walk away, but I decided I would try to pay it forward. I asked if she had a manager to whom I could explain her exquisite service. It was easy to tell she was surprised, but pleased, by this gesture.

After sitting on hold for a couple of minutes (kindness isn't always convenient), I spoke with her manager and let her know she deserved a reward for how fantastic she had treated me. The manager let me know her service would not go unnoticed and that she would be duly rewarded. I accepted a sincere "Thank you SO much," from the rep who had gone the extra mile before returning to my job.

So just remember... there are cooks in the kitchen waiting to hear if their meals taste ok, baggers at the checkout line who could use a friendly smile, and customer service reps who would so appreciate being recognized for their efforts.

If you're out there Alicia, thanks again! I'm out - YCC

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