Friday, March 27, 2009

The Coupon Code Strategy

Well, it's official. is the newest .com on the block. I have to admit... I feel good. I also feel great knowing that I got a deal on my domain name.

I shopped around, and because of a mixture of positive feedback and a great coupon code, I bought my domain through GoDaddy. No, it wasn't because of those racy Super Bowl commercials...

So far, the service at GoDaddy has been great and I'll let you know if I ever start to think otherwise. As for the coupon code, it saved me about $20!

I love coupon codes. For virtually any product you can imagine, there is a coupon code floating on the web somewhere ... waiting ... hoping to be Ctrl C'd and Ctrl V'd in order to provide a few dollars relief to the average consumer. That's why I always google "coupon code [product I'm considering buying online]" before I checkout. It's a great strategy. In this case I googled "coupon code domain name" and encountered a number of offers, eventually choosing the best one I could find.

For your convenience (and my own selfish, monetizing motives) I've provided a mini google search engine right here on my web page! I conveniently posted it there today so that you could all test out "the coupon code strategy."

Oh, and for all of you who have strong allegiances to either Microsoft or Apple, check this out. I know, it's random. But as I was sitting here in the computer lab of my elementary school writing this post, I noticed a kindergartener on that site and couldn't help but laugh.
I'm out - YCC

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